Raspberry seedlings Vilamet

The fruit ripens in late June. It is large and dark red in color. Seedlings reach a height of up to 3 meters. Vilamet loves the sun (especially in hilly areas, while in the plains you should still watch out for colds, so shade is also desirable). Requires regular watering and fertilizing to achieve the best yields. The stalk that gave the fruit is cut off at the end of the harvesting season.

Raspberry seedlings can be made from old last year's trees and container green seedlings with prepared roots.

Seedlings from old trees are plucked from the ground in late autumn and planted with old roots during the winter and early spring. They give birth to new young trees during the growing season. Container-grown seedlings can be planted throughout the year, even in the vegetation phase. The choice of planting material depends on the type of raspberry you want, the soil, the altitude, the susceptibility to diseases, the temperature and the weather conditions. 

Container raspberry seedlings

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