Raspberry fruit can be used fresh or frozen. It is a dessert fruit that is most often processed in the food industry in the production of juices, compote, sweet jam,  syrup, wine,  jam, candied fruit,  natural liqueur,  ice cream, raspberry powder and pulp. P donkeys strawberry is the most important fruit species.

Raspberries are easy to propagate. It has several advantages over other fruit crops. It begins with the genus in the first or second year (depending on the type and method of planting). It gives full yield in the third year after planting. ripe fruits ripen in June (and July, again depending on the species) at a time when there is not enough fresh fruit on the market. The most important producers of raspberries in the world are Russia, Poland, Chile, USA, Germany, Hungary. In recent years, Serbia has taken an extremely important place with production increasing from year to year. In Serbia, there are over 15,000 ha under raspberries with a tendency of further growth. Depending on the new varieties, the spread of raspberries has begun in recent years on traditionally (for her) unfavorable lands such as the plains of Vojvodina, etc., on which they are now successfully grown.